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(503) 428-7209

4901 Airport Road
Independence, OR 97351

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Aircraft Hangar Space for Lease
at Independence State Airport (7S5)

[Nutsch.com, LLC]

  • Web Steel Buildings All-Steel Construction
  • 12,600 square feet of space available
  • Two 60' X 16' Schweiss Bi-Fold doors
  • Safe & secure from sun, wind & rain
  • Free MINET High-Speed Wireless Internet
    (for customers located within our building)
  • Instruction & Aircraft Rental
  • Aeronautical Chart Sales Outlet
  • Phillips 66 Aviation 100LL AVGAS
  • OČ Fill - $50
  • Hangar rates start at $220/mo

Nutsch.com, LLC d/b/a Nutsch Aviation provides 100LL self-serve fuel at the 7S5 Compass Rose.  Our all new epoxy-lined Modern Welding fuel tank, associated stainless-steel plumbing and Quality Control gives you the cleanest AVGAS possible.  Check 100LL for the latest fuel pricing.

Interior View
Aerial View
(with hangar doors open)

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[Aerial View]
[Office Areas]
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