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Wayne C. Nutsch - Aviation Consultant

[Wayne C. Nutsch - Aviation Consultant]

Airman Certificates & Ratings

  • Airline Transport Pilot - Airplane Single & Multiengine Land, Rotorcraft-Helicopter
  • Type Ratings - LR-Jet, CE-500, SA-227, BH-47, BH-204, BH-206 & SK-58
  • Certificated Flight Instructor (Gold Seal) - Airplane Single & Multienge, Instrument Airplanes & Helicopters
  • Helicopter External Load Operator qualified
  • Certificated Ground Instructor - Advanced & Instrument
  • Mechanic - Airframe & Powerplant with Inspection Authorization
  • Flight experience exceeds 13,000 pilot flying time with many pilot flight testing hours not logged


Wayne Nutsch began his aviation career while attending high school in Beaverton, Oregon in 1959 when he learned to fly his father's Piper Tri Pacer. As a young man, he became employed by a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) in Hillsboro, Oregon and worked with ground support personnel, performing aircraft maintenance, fueling operations and a myriad of other aviation related tasks. He obtained his FAA Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor Certificates and acquired about 2,000 hours of flying time performing flight instruction, aerial traffic survey and air taxi commercial operations. It was during this time as "Scotty Wright," he acquired about 350 flight hours in the KISN Radio Aerocar, N103D.


Wayne joined the US Army as a helicopter mechanic and attended the Single Engine-Single Rotor Helicopter maintenance course at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. Following this training he worked as a helicopter mechanic for the Army at Obersliessheim Army Airfield near Munich, Germany. He also was a primary flight instructor in Freising Aero Club. Later that year he was called to duty as a helicopter pilot and attended flying school at Ft. Wolters, Texas and Ft. Rucker, Alabama.


In March, 1966, Wayne was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) at Camp Radcliff in An Khe, South Vietnam. He acquired about 1,000 flying hours of combat time in Vietnam's Central Highlands in the UH-1 helicopter. A year later, he was assigned as a Primary Helicopter Instructor Pilot in the Hiller H-23D at Ft. Wolters, Texas until July 1968 when his active duty military obligation ended. He continued in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves as a UH-1, OH-58 and C-26 (Metroliner) pilot, retiring from the Reserve Component in year 2000.


Wayne became employed as a Certified Flight Instructor and Air Taxi pilot in Red Bluff, CA. The FBO operated 7 airplanes and 3 helicopters where he acquired additional FAA certificates and ratings. He served as Chief Pilot and Chief Instructor of a FAA Approved Pilot School with Examining Authority. Also designated as a Pilot Examiner. He conducted piloting operations with helicopter external loads.


Employed as the Airport Manager of Cameron Airpark (O61) and transported corporate personnel & clients by air.


Joined FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector in Oakland FSDO, Honolulu FSDO and FAA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where he served as an Operations and Maintenance Inspector. Primary duties involved flight testing for most pilot certificates and ratings in the general aviation discipline. Other frequent activities were: accident, incident and enforcement investigations; certification and surveillance of Air Taxi, Helicopter External Load Operators (congested area), FAA Approved Pilot Schools and Agricultural Operators. Issuance of Waivers & Exemptions, Designation of Pilot Examiners, Special Medical Flight Tests, Air Show monitoring along with a myriad of other functions was the norm.


Wayne was assigned to FAA's National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where he worked in various branches of the Flight Standards Service (AFS). One of the most significant projects that was accomplished was to solve the problem of modernizing the Aviation Safety Inspector handbooks (FAA Orders) and getting them online for use by everyone. This initiative provided Wayne with first-hand knowledge of the thought processes that went into making national policy.


Wayne retired from federal service and focused on rearing his two sons. Oregon was always his home and moving back to Oregon was like having been gone on a long vacation. Wayne owns, operates and maintains nine diverse general aviation airplanes which keeps him apprised of current aviation practices. He is recognized as a FAA Safety Team Representative.


Wayne and his family reside in Independence, Oregon and continue to be involved in aviation activities. In 2006, nutsch.com, LLC constructed a large commercial storage hangar at the Independence State Airport (7S5) (AirNav or AeroPlanner) which provides bulk storage for aicraft.

Through these many years of practical and work experiences, Wayne has acquired a broad knowledge of the aviation industry, inside and outside the FAA. He possesses the knowledge of the inside workings of FAA and NTSB's accident, incident, enforcement and certification processes, making him able to deal with consultation requests of the most complex nature.

Details of any of the above consultant data may be requested by e-mail.